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Zhongbei Tian, PhD student at the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, University of Birmingham, won the prestigious 2016 European Partnership for Railway Energy Settlement Systems (ERESS) Award for Best Energy Efficiency Project for Railways and/or on Trains, hosted in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday 25 May 2016. 

Zhongbei Wins Award

The award was announced at the ERESS Forum 2016; a yearly gathering of experts from railway undertakings, representatives from Infrastructure Managers, EU and national politicians, journalists and suppliers, discuss the status of energy metering, settlement and billing, developments and further needs.

The ERESS Award aims to give international recognition to projects made by students from universities around Europe who have made systematic and innovative studies about how to efficiently use and preserve energy on railways and/or on trains.

Zhongbei Tian, University of Birmingham, and Evert van Veldhuizen, Delft University of Technology, Holland, were both selected as the 2 best finalists to be invited to present at the ERESS Forum 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

Zhongbei’s project ‘A summary of Beijing Yizhuang’ s subway line energy efficiency’ was voted to win by participants of ERESS Forum, alongside a judging panel, composing of 4 specialists:

  • Ralph Luijt, Manager Energy and Environment, NS/Vivens, The Netherlands
  • José Antonio Rodríguez Mondejar, Professor, Comillas University, Spain
  • Mike Tatton, Energy engineer, RSSB UK
  • Bart Van der Spiegel, Energy management, Infrabel, Belgium

Zhongbei Tian, said:

“I was pleased to present my research project at the ERESS Forum 2016 and honoured to receive the Best Energy Project Award. This inspires me to further study energy optimisation in railways. I would like to thank my supervisors: Dr Stuart Hillmansen and Professor Clive Roberts for their guidance and invaluable advice and to Dr Paul Weston, Dr Ning Zhao and Dr Lei Chen for their support on the project."