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Cooling towers of atmomic power plant

In October 2016, the University of Birmingham hosted the Sixth Annual Research Frontiers in Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management Conference.

The conference, organised by the Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning Research Forum (NWDRF), was attended by over 100 delegates, including senior figures within the UK civil nuclear industry to showcase innovation across the sector.

From lab trials and bespoke development, to novel use of off-the-shelf items and adaptive deployment, the conference was an opportunity to showcase research and development across the broad spectrum of technological challenges associated with the management and decommissioning of the UK radioactive waste legacy.

The University of Birmingham has made significant investment in the area of nuclear engineering, waste management and decommissioning. The Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research was launched in 2010 to provide the investment and infrastructure to grow the nuclear expertise and capacity that has existed at Birmingham for over 50 years.

Dr Joseph A Hriljac, Reader in Materials Chemistry, University of Birmingham, said:

“It was a great opportunity to host the conference, followed by the quarterly meeting of the Nuclear Waste & Decommissioning Research Forum.  The conference covered a wide range of topics, from basic academic studies to very applied scale-up waste treatment techniques. During the forum, myself and Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute (BEI), had the opportunity to present information on the BEI to NWDRF members, as well as relevant educational and research activities on campus.  I’m hopeful this will lead to further opportunities to work with the NWDRF.”


  • The Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning Research Forum is a cross industry group that aims to enhance coordination of R&D and technical programmes across UK Site Restoration and Integrated Waste Management activities.