The Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH) is an inter-disciplinary brain research facility established with the mission of understanding what makes a brain healthy, how to maintain it, how to prevent and reverse damage and how to develop the next generation of interventions and tools for personalised brain healthcare.

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The vision of the CHBH is to cross the boundaries of traditional academic and clinical disciplines in order to transform our understanding of the human brain, recognising that to achieve the goal of personalised brain health we must first know what constitutes a healthy brain and how lifestyle, developmental, and societal factors interact and contribute to this endeavour.

The Centre has a physical hub at the University of Birmingham, with members distributed throughout the city via close alliances with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Institute of Translational Medicine, the Barberry National Centre for Mental Health, and Birmingham Children's Hospital. The Centre brings together expertise in discovery science (neuroscience, psychology, physiology, computer science, physics, social science and mathematics) with clinical research and practice in neurology, psychiatry and other disciplines related to brain dysfunction.

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