Dr David Hodson, Senior Birmingham Fellow at the University of Birmingham has been awarded 1.7m funding through the European Research Council (ERC) Starter Grant to pursue groundbreaking diabetes research.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, one of the major healthcare challenges of our time, is characterised by failure of beta cells to functionally adapt to increased peripheral insulin resistance. Dr Hodson’s research, which uses next generation optical tools and cell-resolution imaging approaches, focusses on understanding how insulin release is regulated within intact islets of Langerhans, with a view to unveiling a new route to restore insulin secretion when the beta cells have failed.

Set up in 2007 by the EU, ERC Starting Grants are designed to encourage young talented researchers to become independent investigators. They are targeted at promising researchers, such as David, who have the proven potential of becoming research leaders. 

David explains his research and the significance this has in this short video. 

The Birmingham Fellowship scheme supports outstanding researchers who wish to apply for independent research fellowships. Dr David Hodson, who began his fellowship in January 2016, speaks about his experiences of being a Fellow and adjusting to life in Birmingham.