The Coalition Government and Social Policy

A new book analysing UK social policy, is being launched at an event at the LSE in April.

The publication edited by Hugh Bochel and HSMC's Martin Powell, is entitled 'The Coalition Government and Social Policy: Restructuring the Welfare State' and will be launched at the LSE on 27 April 2016 in the Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.

This event is FREE and and open to all with no need to pre-register.

How did the UK Coalition Government’s policies differ from previous Conservative (or Labour) Government policies? How did the Liberal Democrats influence them? And what can this tell us about the likely policy direction of the Conservative government elected in May 2015? Responding to the political and social policy changes made between 2010-15 this book considers the relationship between the two coalition parties to provide a critical assessment of how their policies affected the British welfare state, including the impact of ‘austerity’. Looking beyond 2015, the contributors consider what the implications of these changes may be for social policy, both the challenges and opportunities, which will present themselves in the future.