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Scriptoria Training - April 2017 (6)
Sandy from Scriptoria delivers training

Scriptoria Ltd delivers Communication Training

PANINI partner Scriptoria Ltd delivered a training workshop on ‘Writing skills for communicating research to non-specialist audiences’ to the ESRs to support their outreach work to elders or non-scientists and to enhance their written work.  The training covered topics such as communication goals, word tricks and tips, social media communication and tone, amongst other things.  The training will encourage researchers to develop, present and justify their own approaches.

Some excerpts from feedback forms about the Scriptoria training below:

  • ‘Trainer is really competent and makes you feel involved.’
  • ‘Really needed, since we have to prepare public engagements stuff.’
  • ‘Great value of information.’
  • ‘Perfect, great manual and helpful.’
  • ‘Excellent course. Very well delivered.’
  • 'Very happy and satisfied with the workshop.’