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Group Photo - ESRs, Supervisors and Beneficiaries

PANINI’s first Advanced Training Course in Finland

On 4th April all 8 beneficiaries and 11 ESRs met in Jyvaskyla, Finland for the project’s first Advanced Training Courses (ATCs) 1 – 4.  This was the first chance for us all to meet and get together to explore the various aspects of ageing from its Biology, to Physical Activity and Nutritional impact of ageing.  Further details of the topics covered can be found on the Training Events page. 

The second part of the trip was an opportunity for the ESRs to present their research and gain feedback from peers about their research direction and presentation technique.  This was a great occasion for beneficiaries and ESRs to talk to each other face to face and collaborate on their research plans as well as exchange ideas.  Overall the event was a success with lots of ideas for future collaborations and a renewed sense of belonging to the project.