ITSEE is delighted to announce that Dora Panella, a doctoral student on the COMPAUL project and holder of a Midlands3Cities AHRC scholarship, has been appointed as a post-doctoral research assistant at the Institute for New Testament Textual Research in Münster for three years from September 2017.

Theodora Panella

Dora started her doctoral research at Birmingham in 2013, supervised by Dr Hugh Houghton and Professor David Parker, working on Greek catena manuscripts of the Pauline Epistles. Her doctoral thesis focusses on the Pseudo-Oecumenian catena of Galatians, but she has also published a paper on catenae in 1 Corinthians (nominated for the University's Michael O'Rourke publication prize) and identified a previously-unknown catena in a manuscript of the Epistles.

Among the many activities Dora has undertaken while at Birmingham, she has initiated the European Association of Biblical Studies session on Textual Criticism of the New Testament, the Old Testament and the Qur'an and served as its chair for the last two years, and presented at the SBL Annual Meeting, the Oxford International Patristics Conference and the International Byzantine Studies congress.

In 2014, Dora was the first student in Birmingham's Department of Theology and Religion to be awarded a prestigious Midlands3Cities (M3C) doctoral scholarship. As part of this, she organised a consultation in Greek palaeography for students from the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham and has taken part in a number of collaborative initiatives.

The postdoctoral fellowship, sponsored by the American Bible Society and German Bible Society, is hosted at the INTF in Münster, which has long been associated with ITSEE through work on the Editio Critica Maior of the Greek New Testament and the Workspace for Collaborative Editing. Dora's responsibilities will include working with the editorial committee of the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament, and engaging with users of the New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room, developed by another ITSEE doctoral student, Troy Griffitts.

Many congratulations to Dora on being awarded this position following an interview in the United States of America, which will enable her to establish herself yet further in the field of New Testament textual studies.