Yun Fan, Alicia Hidalgo and Matthias Soller visit China

Posted on 16 Nov 2017

A team of our MCSH Drosophila scientists attended a workshop at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), one of the top universities in China, organised by Dr Luoying Zhang (from HUST) and Dr Yun Fan (from the University of Birmingham, UoB), to establish collaborative ties between these two universities.  They were also invited speakers at the ‘Inaugural Asia-Pacific Drosophila Neurobiology conference’, Wuhan, China.  The workshop took place following a recently signed agreement between UoB and HUST on teaching and research collaborations with the support from our University International Relations Travel Fund.

Group photo delegation from both universities (left to right): Matthias Soller (MCSH, UoB), Yun Fan (MCSH, UoB), Zheng Guo (HUST), Ling Hong (HUST), Paul Badenhorst (Medical School, UoB), Alicia Hidalgo (MCSH, UoB), Luoying Zhang (HUST) and Yu-Feng Wang (HUST).


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