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Dr Nicola Gale, from HSMC, and Dr Nicki Ward from the Department of Social Work and Social Care have been conducting pedagogical research over the last 3 years on how to make our teaching and learning spaces in higher education more inclusive of LGBTQ people – both staff and students – and have produced a best practice guide.

As part of their ongoing work they have developed a ‘widening horizons’ module, which is available for first year undergraduates to take as a module outside their main discipline. The module will advance students’ knowledge and awareness of issues relating to gender and sexual diversity and people who identify as LGBTQ+. Through a series of lectures, learning set discussions and self-guided learning activities, students will develop an awareness of the socio-political and historical constructions which have contributed to societal understanding of gender and sexual diversity.

It is running this year with 100 undergraduate students, and is also engaging postgraduate researchers (PhD students) who are supporting the learning sets.

For further information please contact Dr Nicola Gale.