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INLOGOV’s Community Day on 6th November 2017 provided an opportunity for staff, Associates and PhD students to work together on establishing a community of practice. 

Expertly facilitated by Associates, Liz Goold and Jeff Matthews, the event focused on understanding INLOGOV’s ‘story’ and how it has developed over time – and what the future might hold.  We explored ‘promising practices’ for greater collaboration amongst ourselves, building on our wide range of networks to better understand – and shape - our student market, opportunities for executive education and consultancy, and our academic and research contribution.  We looked at how we could make more of the potential synergy between these elements.  A key outcome from the day was getting to know each other better and the roles we might play as the community of practice develops.  A practical plan that emerged from the event was to organise a Research Day in spring 2018 that engaged PhD students and Associates, as well as staff, in exchange on research approaches, findings and future projects.  Watch this space!