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The Arkwright Scholarships Trust has conducted its annual award of prestigious Scholarships to future leaders of the engineering profession. 413 sixth form Scholarships have been awarded this year at ceremonies in London and Edinburgh.


The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships act as a beacon to the most talented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students in UK schools. They help to ensure that young people with high potential stay engaged in the engineering careers pipeline, in the critical 16 to 18 age range.

This year, the University of Birmingham is sponsoring three scholars who are in Year 12 and who have shown an interest in Mechanical Engineering: Emily (Longsands Academy), Hamza ( KIng Edward VI Camphill) and Stephen (Titus Salt School). 


Each Scholarship is awarded as, "The University of Birmingham Arkwright Engineering Scholarship". The scholars receive £600 as part of the scholarship to fund the purchase of components and materials to complete their personal technical projects or enhance their curriculum projects. Alternatively, it can be used to purchase text books, reference books, or to fund attendance on technical courses, summer schools or university open days. Each school receives £400 which is spent on equipment, materials or teacher training to enhance the delivery of STEM subjects.

The students will be mentored throughout the year by the School of Engineering's Dr Aziza Mahomed.