We are kicking off this year with a casual social event where hopefully many new students will join us for a drink and a chat about their games dev life at university.

We were also recently allocated the annual grant to spend on equipment during the first term so we are looking for your opinions on which specific pieces of hardware we should buy for the society. Controllers, mobile VR headware, LAN routers; these will be the first shared equipment owned by GDS so hopefully we will have a lot to learn and a very interesting year.

We are also closing in on EGX, the UK’s biggest gaming convention, which is this weekend (23 September). As you may know, GDS offers an exclusive discount to both members and non-members. Many of our tickets have already been picked up and we are not far away at all from being sold out; get in touch quickly if you would like to come along! Hopefully a few first years will join us at EGX and make their Freshers’ Week all the more memorable. We promise there are going to be many, many pictures following the event so keep an eye out here and on our website.

We’ll be around in Computer Science all week so be sure to drop in and say hi!

That's all for this newsletter, we hope to see you for the next one.