Yearbook of Muslims in Europe Vol. 9

The 9th volume of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, which covers developments and events around European Muslims in 2016, has been published by Brill.

The Yearbook of Muslims in Europe is an essential resource for analysis of Europe's dynamic Muslim populations. Featuring up-to-date research from forty-three European countries, this comprehensive reference work summarizes significant activities, trends, and developments. Oliver Scharbrodt, Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham, is the editor-in-chief of the Yearbook. Jorgen Nielsen, Professor of Contemporary European Islam at Birmingham, is also on the editorial board.

The latest volume reports on the most current information available from surveyed countries, offering an up-to-date overview of statistical and demographic data, topical issues of public debate, shifting transnational networks, change to domestic and legal policies, and major activities in Muslim organisations and institutions. Supplementary data is gathered from a variety of sources and evaluated according to its reliability.

In addition to offering a relevant framework for original research, the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe provides an invaluable source of reference for government and NGO officials, journalists, policy-makers, and related research institutions.