The team at North Staffordshire NHS have been awarded a highly prestigious award from the Healthcare People Management Association for their Leading with Compassion Recognition scheme, implemented in several NHS trusts across the West Midlands.

The scheme was evaluated by Yvonne Sawbridge (Health Services Management Centre) and Alistair Hewison (School of Nursing) here at the University of Birmingham, who are proud to have supported the team with their application. The evaluation concluded that the scheme has been very successful in terms of identifying how compassion is viewed, enacted and appreciated.

The scheme encouraged staff, patients and carers nominate anyone who they believe has demonstrated ‘leading with compassion’. It was designed to acknowledge and reward compassionate acts, however big, small, subtle, impactful, fleeting or enduring they may be. Each nominee received a bespoke card which contained the details of the nomination, and a badge which indicates they have been recognised for acting compassionately.

More detail on the awards scheme can be found here