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Wouter Peeters
Dr Wouter Peeters

Members of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics will present at the MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory on 11-13 September 2017 in Manchester.

Jeremy Williams will present his paper on political justification and the problems of moral status in the panel on Theories of Public Reason

Wouter Peeters and associate member of the Centre Jo Swaffield (University of Newcastle) will both present in the panel on Environmental citizenship and individual responsibility for global environmental problems. Together with Derek Bell (University of Newcastle), they work on the project Individual responsibility for realising human rights and the papers presented at this event are results of this project. Wouter will present a paper entitled How new are the ‘New Harms’? Global environmental problems and common-sense morality. Jo will present a paper on Exploring individual responsibility for protecting other people’s human rights.