Photograph of Professor Jeannette Littlemore

Professor Jeannette Littlemore

Professor Jeannette Littlemore has been Professor Jeannette Littlemore has been invited to deliver a distinguished lecture at the Open University of Hong Kong on 21 January.

In this talk Professor Littlemore will explore the reasons why metaphor is so effective in advertising, and present the findings from a series of studies that she has conducted alone and with colleagues. These studies have investigated, among other things: the role of metaphorical complexity, and the extent to which the presence of metaphor relates to appreciation of advertisements and speed in understanding them; the relationship between the presence and positioning of metaphor and other types of figurative language and the likelihood with which video advertisements will go viral; and cross-cultural variation in responses to advertisements containing different kinds of metaphor. She will also explore the responses of participants with different levels of experience with marketing, and with different levels of 'need for cognition'.