This week Dr Phil Robbins gives his top tips for using media in Canvas

Canvas facilitates the use of online media not just for aesthetic purposes, but for a range of sound pedagogic reasons. This is because Canvas allows us to add media not just to pages, but also to discussion boards, quizzes and even in response to assignment submissions.
A small sample of uses of media in Canvas are:
1. Using media to stimulate discussion (e.g. historical imagery or video news reports on social issues, delivered via Canvas Discussions)
2. Using media for assessment (e.g. medical imagery in a Canvas Quiz to test students’ diagnostic ability)
3. Using media for feedback (e.g. essay feedback on assignments submitted in Canvas SpeedGrader)
4. Using media for pre-lab experimental familiarisation (e.g. videos demonstrating technique to save time in a lab session)
More uses, and ‘how to’ guides about embedding media into Canvas, are available in our online module which is accessible to all University of Birmingham staff: 
This learning resource has been designed to provide guidance for everyone from new users right through to those wanting to refresh their abilities with Canvas.
You can spend a few minutes on one unit, or dip in and out to see what is likely to work with your students. It would take you approximately 2 hours to go through all the units in the resource.
JISC (2015) Using digital media in new learning models. Available at: (Accessed: 11th October 2017)