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A new special issue of Anthropology Southern Africa is now out - co-edited by Maxim Bolt of DASA and Tarminder Kaur, and with an introduction by Maxim Bolt.  

The special issue focuses on becoming and unbecoming farm workers in Southern Africa. In the introduction, Maxim Bolt explains, "More than most forms of employment in Southern Africa, farm work seems to evoke the past. Recent events, however, have foregrounded global integration and cost-cutting casualisation as much as plantation-style racialised hierarchies. Legacies of farmer paternalism, themselves shaped by workers’ on-site residence, have inflected changes in agriculture. But these changes invite fresh investigation of what we mean by “farm workers,” as a stereotyped and evocative label intersects with and shapes people’s terms of livelihood.

The special issue, with articles by Åsa Eriksson, Robert Gordon, Andrew Hartnack, Tarminder Kaur and Janie Swanepoel, is available online.