The Pantheism and Panentheism Project, led by Professor Yujin Nagasawa (with Andrei Buckareff at Marist College USA), welcomes applications for summer stipends from scholars and writers who wish to spend the summer writing a paper for publication.

The paper would be published in a peer-reviewed academic journal, a reputable magazine (if they wish to write for a popular audience), or an edited collection to be published by a leading academic publisher. We offer £1000 each to 10 applicants in the summer of 2017 and 9 awards of £1000 in the summer of 2018. Co-authors are welcome to apply together but they will be awarded only one joint stipend of £1000.

The first deadline is 15 April, 2017. We welcome applications from both advocates and critics of pantheism and panentheism.  This is a non-residential grant that allows grant recipients to work on their project anywhere they wish. For further information please see the project website for more details.