Dr Wolfgang Vondey’s new book, Pentecostal Theology: Living the Full Gospel, has now been published by Bloomsbury.

Pentecostalism is the most rapidly growing branch of Christianity since the 20th century, yet it does not lend itself well to a singular doctrine and there is, therefore, no single comprehensive account of Pentecostal theology worldwide. Dr. Vondey suggests an account of Pentecostal theology that is genuine to Pentecostals worldwide while allowing for different adaptation and explication among the various Pentecostal groups. He argues that Pentecost is the theological symbol of Pentecostalism, which is fundamentally concerned with the renewal of the Christian life identified by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit and directed toward the kingdom of God. The narrative of this theology is the full gospel, and the book unfolds in two main parts illustrating the full gospel story and theology. Eleven chapters identify the spiritual underpinnings and motivations for Pentecostal theology, formulate a Pentecostal theology of action, translate, apply, and exemplify Pentecostal practices and experiences, and integrate Pentecostal theology in the wider Christian tradition.

Pentecostal Theology

You can order Pentecostal Theology now on Bloomsbury’s website: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/pentecostal-theology-9780567275394/