Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks in January and February 2017

  • On 16 January Lisa Bortolotti will talk about project PERFECT at a Birmingham Professional Services Event entitled: "An Insight into the work of Birmingham Heroes”. 
  • On 2 February Sophie Stammers will present a paper entitled "The role of confabulation in shared cognitive projects" at the University of Stirling's visiting speaker series.
  • On 7 February Michael Larkin (Aston University) will be at the 3rd UCL Qualitative Health Research Symposium at the Institute of Child Health with a poster on Experience-Based Co-Design in Qualitative Mental Health Research.
  • On 7 February Andrea Polonioli talked about biases in philosophical methodology at the Italian Academy at Columbia University, New York. 
  • On 8 February Valeria Motta will present a paper entitled “Is loneliness a conceptual act?” at the University of Birmingham Philosophy Department Postgraduate Seminar.