Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks in January and February 2018

  • On 21 February, Lisa Bortolotti will present a Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture at the University of Durham on Optimism and Success.
  • On 16 February, Michael Larkin will present a paper entitled 'Harnessing evidence and experience: service development and improvement through co-design' to the ESRC 'METIS' seminar group working on cancer, wellbeing and the workplace at Birkbeck College, University of London. 
  • On 6 February, Sophie Stammers will give an address to the Metaphysical Society of Trinity College Dublin, on confabulation and the narrative faculty.In the Autumn of 2017, Sophie Stammers led a series of workshops on the themes of PERFECT for people with lived experience of hearing voices and unusual beliefs, and mental health service providers, in collaboration with Mind, the mental health charity.
  • On 29 January, Lisa Bortolotti will speak at the Liverpool Stapledon Colloquium on delusions and the three myths of irrational belief.
  • On 26 January, we will hold a final full-day workshop, where participants will showcase philosophy assignments they’ve undertaken. The day will also include a programme of talks, and a focus group session addressing how philosophy can improve self-understanding, advocacy and clinical interactions.