Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks in September and October 2017

  • On 2 September Andrea Polonioli presented a paper entitled: "Arguments and challenges for a theory of adaptive rationality" at the Theories of Rationality: Descriptive and Normative Aspects conference at the University of Bonn.  View programme.
  • On 9 September Andrea Polonioli will present his paper "A Plea for Minimally Biased Philosophy" at the annual meeting of the European Philosophy of Science Association, hosted by the University of Exeter.
  • On 16 September, Katherine Puddifoot will speak at "Head to Head”, a panel event on the philosophy of what we believe, how we perceive, and what to do when art goes bad, Birmingham Science Museum. The event is open to the public.
  •  On 20-22 September Valeria Motta will attend the ENPOSS (European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences) meeting in Krakow. She will deliver a talk entitled: "Socially Constructed Psychological Events. The Case of Loneliness as a Conceptual Act".
  • On 24 September Michael Larkin (Aston University) will present a talk entitled: "What is the point of life? An interpretative phenomenological analysis of suicide in young men with first-episode psychosis" at the International Association of Youth Mental Health in Dublin.
  • On 29 September Lisa Bortolotti will give a talk entitled "Choice Blindness and the Fluidity of the Self" at the Reasons, Rationality and Intentional Agency workshop at the London School of Economics. 
  • On 15 October Lisa Bortolotti will give a TEDxBrum talk at the Birmingham Hippodrome.
  • On 20 October Katherine Puddifoot will speak at the Jowett Society, Philosophy Faculty, Oxford University, presenting a paper co-authored with Lisa Bortolotti and entitled "Epistemic Innocence of Cognitive Mechanism producing False or Distorted Memory Beliefs".