Eva Reindl, a PhD student in the School of Psychology, was recently invited to give a keynote talk at the Young Social Learning Researchers (YSLR) Winter Workshop 2017 in Manchester, UK.

The one-day workshop, which took place in January, was the first ever meeting of the YSLR. Around 25 early career researchers from various disciplines interested in the study of social learning in humans and non-human animals came together for this highly interactive workshop consisting of group activities, poster presentations and two keynote talks. Eva spoke about ‘What makes human culture special? Findings from social learning studies on human children’, and presented recent findings on social learning in children; what they can tell us about human culture and the ways in which it differs from culture in other animals. Eva reviewed research from developmental psychology but also presented insights from her own work as a PhD student at the University of Birmingham.

Eva’s talk received great feedback. She commented: “This was the second talk I ever gave and I really learned a lot by preparing it and receiving questions during the discussion time. I really recommend to other graduate students that they take any opportunity to give talks during their PhD. It’s an invaluable experience for a researcher.” 


The attendees of the YSLR Winter Workshop after a successful day full of activities, posters, and talks. (Eva is pictured eighth from the left)