On 15 March 2017, a group of 10 Politics, Religion and Philosophy students visited Westminster to meet a range of high profile speakers in public affairs, politics and related faith groups as organised by Professor Francis Davis (Andrew Davies, Head of the Department of Theology and Religion, and Jodie Neville, Student Experience Officer, also attended).

Students on a Westminster trip

PTR Students with Dr. Andrew Davies and Professor Francis Davis

Jodie Neville recounts the events of the day:

We kicked things off by meeting with the Deputy CEO of Church Urban Fund Emma Snow and her colleagues who talked to us about the work that Church Urban Fund do, Near Neighbours and their work nationwide. From there we met with Mike Kane, a Labour Party politician and elected Member of Parliament for Wythenshawe, who took us through his concepts of leadership and the distinction between coercive and relational power.

Students meeting Michael Kane

Michael Kane and students from the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion

Afterwards we made our way across to the Department of Communities and Local Government to meet with David Jones from the Anti Hate Crime team. David discussed various policy matters with our students and took us through what is involved in his role as Policy Officer.  

Students with David Jones

David Jones, PTR students and Professor Francis Davis

We then made our way over to CARE (Christian Action, Research and Education) on Romney Street to meet with Jack Palmer, the Public Affairs Advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Jack recounted his career journey to date and how he came to be in the position he is in now and after that, we met with Dr. Dan Boucher, who is the Director of Parliamentary Affairs for the charity CARE.

Following this we enjoyed a tour of the House of Commons led by Fred Shepherd Portcullis and dinner in the House of Commons café. 

At 6.15pm we were based in the Conservative Headquarters and met with Gareth Wallace, CEO of the Conservative Christian Fellowship and Giles Kenningham, Former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister David Cameron.

Students with Giles Kenningham

PTR students with Giles Kenningham, Former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister David Cameron

It was a fantastic day in all and a great opportunity for our students to network with  successful people. 

Dr Andrew Davies is the Director of The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion, and Professor Francis Davis is the Centre's Director of Public Policy.