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We are delighted to announce the appointment to the Department of Theology & Religion of Professor Candida Moss as Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology with effect from 1 August 2017.

Professor Moss is one of the world’s leading scholars of the New Testament and Early Christianity. With publications including ‘Ancient Christian Martyrdom’ (2012), ‘The Myth of Persecution’ (2013), ‘Reconceiving Infertility’ (with Joel Baden, 2015) and the forthcoming ‘Bible Nation’ (with Joel Baden), her research has questioned long-standing assumptions in biblical scholarship and broken new ground in the reception and application of biblical and early Christian traditions. She also delivered the 2017 Cadbury Lectures

Furthermore, Professor Moss is a prominent public thinker with a significant media profile as a regular contributor to CNN and CBS television news and the Daily Beast and the Atlantic news websites, among others. Her appointment affirms the Department’s commitment to excellent, significant and high impact research, and she will make a major contribution to our continuing public engagement work.  

We are thrilled to have her join us and look forward to working with her.