Oxford University Press has published a new book by Professor Helen Abbott, Department of Modern Languages  - Baudelaire in Song 1880-1930. 

This book examines a key 50-year period (1880-1930) in France and Europe to see how and why Baudelaire's poetry has been set to music and looks at the critical and metaphorical language we use to talk about song settings. This book offers a new model for analysing song that helps readers understand method and encourages them to apply it to other corpora. The case studies focus on Maurice Rollinat, Gustave Charpentier, Alexander Gretchaninov, Louis Vierne, and Alban Berg. 

Professor Abbotts leads an international team of researchers on the Baudelaire Song Project researching all the song settings of Baudelaire's poetry, from the nineteenth century to the present day, including classical and popular music settings, and songs in translation as well as the original French. As part of her research, Professor Abbotts worked with a Modern Languages undergraduate student as part of the College of Arts and Law Undergraduate Research Scheme. 

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