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Jose Casanova
Professor José Casanova

The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion is delighted to announce that Professor José Casanova (Georgetown University) will give the 2018 Edward Cadbury Lectures.

Professor Casanova is based in the departments of Sociology and Theology at Georgetown University, and is a senior fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs (based at Georgetown). He is one of the world’s top scholars in the sociology of religion, with his research focusing on globalisation, religion and secularisation.

His most recent work has centred on two areas: globalization and religion, and the dynamics of transnational religion, migration, and increasing ethno-religious and cultural diversity. Publications include: Public Religions in the Modern World (University of Chicago Press, 1994); Islam, Gender, and Democracy in Comparative Perspective, co-edited with Jocelyne Cesari (Oxford University Press, 2017); Beyond Secularization: Religious and Secular Dynamics in Our Global Age (Spirit and Letter, 2017, in Ukrainian); and “Nativism and the Politics of Gender in Catholicism and Islam” in Gendering Religion and Politics: Untangling Modernities (Palgrave, 2009).

The 2018 lectures will be held in May at venues in Birmingham city centre and at the University of Birmingham. The lecture titles, and exact dates, timings and locations will be confirmed nearer the time.