We are delighted to announce that Professor Patrick Geary (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) is coming to Birmingham as IAS’s Distinguished Visiting Fellow. He will spend the first week of Summer Term, 24–28 April 2017, at the University of Birmingham.

During this week, BRIHC will be hosting several academic events with Professor Geary. On Monday 24 April 2017 (5-6.30pm, Arts Building Lecture Theatre 5), Professor Geary will give a lecture titled ‘Genomic data and Longobard history’, presenting the first results of his interdisciplinary project that explores the history of early medieval migrations through a combination of genomic, archaeological and historical research. This lecture will be followed by a wine reception to which everyone is warmly invited.


On Tuesday 25 April 2017 (3-5pm, Arts Building Lecture Theatre 1), we will have a less formal discussion between Professor Geary and Professor Alice Roberts (Professor of Public Engagement in Science), titled ‘The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Research Between History and Genomics’.

On Thursday 27 April 2017 (11am-1pm, Arts Building, Danford Room), Professor Geary will lead a master class for postgraduates at the School of History and Cultures.

On Friday 28 April (5.30-7pm, Arts Building Lecture Theatre 3), we are organising a round table with Professor Geary to discuss the current state and the future of History as a discipline. We hope that this will also be an opportunity to discuss this theme in a dialogue between medievalists and colleagues working on other periods.

To learn more about Patrick Geary’s past and current work, please, visit his page on IAS’s website: https://www.ias.edu/scholars/geary