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All students enrolled in the Physical Sciences for Health programme are encouraged to register as STEM ambassadors, and provided with training to help develop skills as science communicators and possible activities. As well as the centre’s yearly outreach event at the Thinktank Science Museum (link) which all students participate in, many students also undertake activities throughout the year.

 Emma Metcalfe-Smith, a 2nd year student talks about her outreach activities as a STEM ambassador

 "As part of the Sci-Phy programme, we are all STEM Ambassadors. This involves acting as a role model for young people and inspiring them with science. In the first year of Sci-Phy we attend training sessions to help support us in our ambassador roles and ensure that we are equipped to work effectively with children and young people. Alongside the annual ‘Meet the Scientists’ STEM event we do at the Thinktank Museum, many of us visit schools to help teachers engage their students with the physical sciences.


 I recently visited a local secondary school to talk about the some possible STEM careers and opportunities open to them. I spoke about my PhD- what qualifications I’d done to get here and what I do on a typical day. It can be difficult for students to make the link between what they study in the classroom and what opportunities there are in the world of work. By coming into schools and giving students the chance to meet ‘real scientists’, it allows them to ask questions and to get excited by STEM at a young age."