UK charity StreetDoctors will host its annual conference at the University of Birmingham’s Medical School on 28-29 October. This will be the second time that the Medical School has hosted the UK charity.  

StreetDoctors team

Set up in 2008 by medical students in Liverpool, StreetDoctors is a volunteer-led organisation with a network of over 300 volunteers from medical schools across the UK.

StreetDoctors changes the lives of high risk young people by giving them the skills they need to deliver life-saving first aid. As well as saving lives, StreetDoctors uses first aid as a tool to educate and empower these young people, giving them confidence and a sense of responsibility for their actions, helping to change their attitude towards violence.

“Through StreetDoctors we are united with the common goal of eliminating youth violence,” Eleanor Hendicott, a Medicine and Surgery MBChB student at the University of Birmingham and the StreetDoctors Birmingham Team Leader, said.

“We deliver two sessions (one on bleeding and one on unconsciousness) to high risk young people who are involved in or exposed to youth violence. It is a privilege to volunteer and teach some of the most vulnerable members of our local community.

“This year will be the second year running that the Birmingham team has hosted the national StreetDoctors conference. Hundreds of StreetDoctors volunteers from all over the UK will gather for a weekend of training, inspirational talks and team building.

“I am very proud of my team for their tireless commitment, passion and dedication to the charity and I feel honoured to be their team leader.”