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The team arrived at the Silverstone competition in July 2017 with high hopes of a 700 point finish and after some minor issues were ironed out at testing the team were confident of achieving that aim.

First came the static events with a top half finish in the cost report and business presentation delivering a good starting point followed by our first ever entry in to the design final, leading us to finishing fourth overall.

The dynamic events began on Saturday with a brilliant morning starting with the acceleration which was completed in 4.476 seconds, finishing 7th overall. This was then followed by the skid pad test, done in a figure of eight shape, which was done in 5.239 seconds which placed us 2nd. Saturday was finished off with the sprint event, a timed lap of the one kilometre track where we posted a blistering time of 56.423 placing us 2nd again. After, some of the design judges, including F1 aerodynamics legend Willem Toet, came to our garage and spent time discussing the car with the team, and loving the finish on our aero package!

Having finished second in the sprint we started endurance second last, just before our main competitors Cardiff Racing. The team watched nervously as some of the biggest teams there struggled to compete, with many having to retire before the finish. However our car performed fantastically, just like our drivers, and we finished first place, nearly a second a lap quicker than second place!

These results together meant that we not only won the overall dynamics events but placed second overall, the teams best ever finish! We went home smashing our original points target by over 130 and three trophies to our lab; endurance winner, overall dynamics winner and second place overall. A truly successful year.

Click the picture below for the full UBRacing September Newsletter:

UBRacing newsletter September 2017