Alan Walters Building
Alan Walters Building. Image by Quintin Lake

Birmingham Business School’s Postgraduate Teaching Centre, The Alan Walters Building was named a winner in the recent RIBA West Midlands Regional Awards 2017.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has been celebrating outstanding work for over 180 years and is highly regarded globally.  The Alan Walters Building, which was designed by Architects Berman Guedes Stretton was described by RIBA as:

“…a fitting addition to Birmingham Business School. Much calmer in its scale and expression than the neighbouring 1970’s landmark Muirhead Tower, it conveys quiet confidence and inner poise through its dignified internal spaces and careful detailing.”

The Alan Walters Building opened its doors to students in autumn 2016 and since then has been very well received by our students. The £10 million centre, is devoted to the teaching of postgraduate courses.  The building contains several distinctive features for postgraduate students, including a Harvard style lecture theatre and several state-of –the-art communal areas to encourage and strengthen collaborative learning.

Later this year The Alan Walters Building will also be considered for the highly-coveted RIBA National Awards which further recognises architectural excellence.