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We would like to congratulate Mathew Ellman on winning this year’s British Council Masters Dissertation Award for English Language Teaching.

Matthew Ellman holding his British Council award, with Dr Crayton Walker

This award recognises the achievements of students following UK University Masters programmes and is given to the dissertation which the judges feel has the most potential to have a real impact on language teaching. Mathew followed one of our distance learning programmes while he was working for the British Council in Kuala Lumpur as a teacher trainer.  

His work was largely based on his own experience and looked at how a video recording of a trainee teacher ‘in action’ can best be used to give the trainee feedback and encourage self-reflection. The techniques he developed have been widely adopted and are now in use in centres in Malaysia, Thailand and the Baltic States. The dissertation was supervised by Nicola Taylor and Dr Crayton Walker.

The picture shows Mathew on the left holding his award. Dr Crayton Walker is on the right.

If you go to 1.04.33 in this British Council video  you can watch Mathew receiving his award.