Ben Warwick

Dr Ben Warwick, Lecturer in Law in the University’s Law School, is one of four authors of a new and extremely timely book entitled ‘Bordering Two Unions – Northern Ireland and Brexit’.

Published by Policy Press, it analyses the key issues relating to Brexit and Northern Ireland.

The book is part of Policy Press’ ‘Shorts’ series and Dr Warwick and the other three authors – Dr Sylvia de Mars and Colin Murray of Newcastle University, and Aoife O’Donoghue of Durham University – consider the key questions concerning Northern Ireland and Brexit.

These include ‘How does Brexit change Northern Ireland’s system of government?’, ‘Could it unravel crucial parts of Northern Ireland’s peace process? and ‘What are the wider implications of the arrangements for the Irish and UK constitutions?’

The academics’ thorough analysis of these and other questions draws upon EU, UK, Irish and international law, setting the scene for a post-Brexit Northern Ireland by showing what the future might hold.

Dr Warwick says, “The issue of Northern Ireland is one of the key areas of difficulty for the implementation of Brexit and beyond. Although the UK and the EU have partly identified how issues like citizenship, trade, the border, human rights and constitutional questions may be resolved, the full complexities and the long-term impact of Brexit isn’t clear.

“In this book, my co-authors and I have unpacked the significance of Brexit for the future of Northern Ireland by examining how it has shaped, and continues to shape, some of the most important struggles within the UK–EU withdrawal negotiations.

“This book will is intended for anyone interested in how Brexit will change Northern Ireland, and how Northern Ireland is changing Brexit, for the UK as a whole, for Ireland and for the wider EU. If the Brexit debate seems shrouded in mysteries, such as the difference between a single market and a customs union and what it means to claim EU citizenship, we have tried to cut through the legal terminology and explain the impact of these concepts in the Northern Ireland context.”

‘Bordering Two Unions – Northern Ireland and Brexit’ is available including a free e-book version here.