Centre for Crime Justice and Policing

Colleagues in the CCJP have submitted responses to two recent Government Inquiries. The first was the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee inquiry on Prison Health.

You can read our submission here which has now been published and relates to the wellbeing of CJS professions.

The second was the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee call for evidence into the state of forensic science in the UK. Our submission to the latter focused on crime linkage and was prepared in collaboration with colleagues at Leicester and Coventry Universities.

The Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing brings together a diverse group of researchers who either work in the area of crime, justice and policing or have methodological expertise. With over 40 researchers in UOB who work in these areas, the centre taps the synergies across interests and disciplines to develop a culture of collaborative working leading across disciplines to address some of the big challenges facing the criminal justice sector. 

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