The Tax Centre will make funds available in support of research projects that fall within the Tax Centre’s remit. We expect PIs to be Tax Centre research affiliates and to be in post at the NAO or the University of Birmingham. Priority will be given to high quality projects, which will be completed within 12 months. The expectation is that a successful project will produce a working paper and a subsequent  publication. In addition, the  Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Investigator(s) (CIs) will be expected to participate in the Tax Centre’s workshops and other activities. 

The Tax Centre will fund directly incurred costs such as research assistance, experiments, data purchase, seminars, workshops, travel, co-author visits etc. It is anticipated the average proposal will be funded at approximately £5,000 and all costs should be fully justified. In exceptional circumstances individuals can bid up to £10,000 but a case should be made explaining why the proposal is considered to be exceptional.

The deadline for applying to this scheme is April 30th 2018. For more information and a copy of the short one-page application form please e-mail