Chris Laoutaris

The Shakespeare Institute's Dr Chris Laoutaris is one of five members of staff from the College of Arts and Law shortlisted for an Outstanding Teaching Award by Birmingham's Guild of Students.

The awards were instituted to give students an opportunity to nominate “a truly inspiring teacher who can bring a subject to life”. The awards recognise “those who encourage and facilitate active learning and provide teaching that is stimulating, enthusiastic, innovative and consistently challenging”. In addition, nominees have an “expertise in their field” and are “committed to sharing their knowledge with their students”.

Commenting on the shortlisting Laoutaris said: “I’m thrilled to be shortlisted for this award. It means all the more because it is the students who nominate candidates. The success of any course depends on a two-way collaboration between teacher and students, so this shortlisting is also for them! I am so grateful to the students for nominating me and to the shortlisting panel who decided to put me forward for this award. I am particularly pleased to be representing the Shakespeare Institute and EDACS in this year’s competition.”

The winners from each College will be announced in the summer.