In the 2017/2018 season Engineering Eagles came a close third place, narrowly missing out on the two top spots to the ‘Freshers’ and Medic’s 2nd XI teams.


Now that Captains Jonathan Chowdhury, Tom Paish and I actually knew what we were doing we thought we would be unstoppable in the league given our 1st place finish in the 16/17 season. A change in league entry allowed anyone to enter teams regardless of whether they are associated with a University department or school. And with that the creation of the ‘Freshers’ team, a bunch of uni “hockey rejects”, would become our biggest competition of the season.

Due to the University installing brand new hockey pitches, training and matches didn’t start until halfway through the autumn term. However we didn’t waste time and managed to grab a few training sessions to practice some much needed skills. When the pitches were finally ready, Mr Chowdhury took over training and made sure the team were fit and ready. An early loss to Kinvig (Geography) and the Freshers may have disheartened team morale but it was nothing a good night out couldn’t fix.

The team was now a much closer unit. We rebounded and beat both the Freshers and Kinvig in our next games. A much-needed visit to Fab in classic Eagles fancy dress followed in the Easter term and even an end of season return to Itchy Feet. With the highest goal difference in the league, our attack was a force to be reckoned with.

Our Frank Morton (the national chemical engineering student sports day) appearance was once again astounding, winning every game given rain, wind or even snow! The hosts Leeds may have “accidentally” given us 2nd place at the awards ceremony to begin with but eventually realised that there was no way Strathclyde could have beaten us.

We’ve had a good season and although not winning this year it has been an honour for Tom, Jonny and myself to be captains for the second year in a row. To everyone who’s endured Jonny’s training and team talks, Tom’s organisation and my kit handling: thank you! Also farewell to some of the legends of Eagles Hockey: Adam Cullen and John Redwood. Without your fantastic dedication, attitudes and wisdom the team would not be where it is today.

But now it’s time to pass on the baton, and the honour of being the prestigious Eagles captains next year will go to John Hall and our first female captain Anastasia Pywell. Good luck, we’re all expecting big things!  Don’t forget to nominate us for an EPS Societies’ Award!  We’re the current Sports Team of the Year and want to keep our title!

Eagles love,
Ben Dance, Tom Paish and Jonathan Chowdury