Congratulations to all second years who are now submitting their Year Abroad applications! In the next couple of weeks the Hub will be transformed with the arrival of a huge world map! The map will be the focus of the Year Abroad corner, where we will share photos and postcards from our students currently away for the year.

LANS students took part in Enterprise Bootcamp on 17-19 of November. The event took place on campus and was organised by B-Enterprising in partnership with Virgin. The three day event was intense and involved students from all degree programmes working in interdisciplinary teams to come up with creative solutions to global challenges. The challenges included thinking of ways space research can help life on Earth, ways to create jobs for unemployed young people, and how to make a fundraising campaign go viral. After workshops on how to generate, develop and present ideas, the teams had the chance to pitch to a panel of experts from outside the University. It was a really exciting weekend and a chance for students to see the value of interdisciplinary team work in practice! Check out B-Enterprising Birmingham’s website for information on events they are running throughout the year. 

B-Enterprising Boot Camp logo
Working in an office space

The LANS society have officially announced their Christmas extravaganza! On 27 November the LANS hub will be transformed into a festive wonderland, with Christmas arts and crafts to festive songs and a full buffet, our society and students will don Christmas jumpers to decorate the hub in time for the last few weeks of term. Tickets are £7 and can be purchased on the Guild website. 

lans soc christmas buffet

Somewhat appropriately as the winter nights draw in, our students attended the latest Cultural Programme event - a performance of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Second year student Harry Croxford had this to say about the performance:

“My favourite thing about Heart of Darkness was how imaginatively it re-interpreted and used the source material as a commentary on a lot of the issues for our own political climate. It is a great example of how old narratives can still resonate and adapt to later ages.”

Heart of Darkness ticket