We’re halfway through term, and it’s been another action-packed week for the LANS Community the world-over!

This week we’re hearing from third year student Lauren Porter who is currently in South Korea studying at Korea University in Seoul. Lauren has had a fascinating time so far seeing the sights and learning about Korean culture, as well as travelling to Japan!

“Bukhansan National Park is north of Seoul and overlooks the city. Hiking to the top was exhausting but definitely worth the trip to escape the city for a little while.”

Bukhansan National Park

“From the top of Bukhansan National Park we saw the sunset over North Korea”

A person on a hill in the sunset

“The Ku-Yon games is a set of sports matches between the rivals Korea University and Yonsei. I went with the exchange group organised through the University to a baseball game. Prior to this, we had a cheering orientation, where we had to learn around 20 different chants and their dance moves! This photo was at the baseball match in the rain!”

Students watching baseball game

“This photo was taken at the DMZ (the zone in between North and South Korea). We visited the unification train station, where there stands a train that was stuck there during the war, and now stands as a symbol for reunification someday. The ribbons are people's hopes and wishes to the people of the other side of the fence. We were actually toured around by a North Korean defector, so we got to ask her about her life there which was so interesting!

Students in the DMZ (the zone in between North and South Korea)

“This is from my most recent trip to Japan after a stressful week of midterm exams. I went just for a long-weekend but managed to see quite a bit of Osaka, Nara and Kyoto - all were beautiful. This is the golden pavilion in Kyoto, where the temple is covered completely in gold leaf!”

The golden pavilion in Kyoto

As part of the Cultural Programme students saw ‘I INFINITE’ by the Tom Dale Company at the Midlands Arts Centre. The theme of the show was very interdisciplinary as it explored where the artificial world ends and the real world begins, and considered the interaction between the digital and organic world. Stunning illusions were created through powerful dance choreography and projected graphics. First year student Sammy Gatenby-Brown really enjoyed the event: “It was absolutely fantastic! Mesmerising, powerful use of light was intertwined with impeccable dancing. Captivating from start to finish.” 

Second year student Luke Jones has been training hard this season. Luke is a member of the University of Birmingham Athletics Club and hopes to make the Birmingham team again this year. He was on the 4x400m team at the British University Championships in May, and secured a bronze medal. His training for now is aimed at the 800m British University indoor Championships in February 2019 as well as the British Senior Indoor Championships for 800m. Good luck to Luke!


It’s been such an exciting and eventful time for LANS so far this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the second half of term brings!