The Cultural Programme so far has seen LANS students attend performances including ‘Unspoken’ at the Birmingham Hippodrome, ‘Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story’ at Warwick Arts Centre and ‘Troilus and Cressida’ at the RSC.

“I really can't recommend this enough - one of the most incredible stage productions I've ever seen!”
Lucy Evans, 4th Year who attended “Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story”

“It really put my life into perspective. The Q&A session afterwards provided a revealing insight into the struggle of PTSD, and the difficulties faced by sufferers in getting access to appropriate support.”
Abi Chapman, 2nd Year who attended ‘Unspoken’

Troilus and Cressida ticket

“I really enjoyed Troilus and Cressida! The apocalyptic, steampunk take made the play feel at once freshly contemporary and timeless. The tragedy of the play was balanced with comedy, which felt confusing at times but ultimately made the play more interesting.”
Ellie Woodward-Webster, 2nd year, who attended ‘Troilus and Cressida’

Digital screen presentation

All years were invited to our first community lunch event. The theme was ‘Year Abroad’ with presentations from our returning fourth years on their Year Abroad destinations, answering questions and providing advice to second years who are in the midst of their applications. The event allowed staff and students to share their experience and queries surrounding this distinctive feature of Liberal Arts.

LANS Society played their first netball match against The Vale Netball team, Despite not taking the victory, great fun was had by all! The next match will be on Sunday 28th October against the History Netball team. Additionally, the Society Halloween film night was a great success and the Christmas Extravaganza will be announced shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

Presentation with panda

Second year student Verity Parkin is Fundraising Representative for the University Trampolining Club. The club applied to the Alumni Impact Fund for help with funding a new project “Bounce Back”, which will offer de-stress trampolining sessions to help improve students’ mental health during exam term. After having their fundraising proposal shortlisted to the final round, the committee were invited share their idea in a pitch to a panel of alumni and senior University staff. They are delighted to have been granted funding that will make the project possible.


Our new space on the ground floor of the ERI is coming along nicely with plenty of artwork going up over the next few weeks.

Artworks on wall