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After John Hall and I became the new Co-Captains for the Engineering Eagles Team for 2018/2019, we have tried to implement a new approach within our society. Do more, invite all. Through adapting our promotional style and branding we have increased our intake from 15 last year to 35 members this year.

We are very excited to announce that as well as increasing our numbers two-fold, we have also managed to introduce another team into the Campus League. This allows more people to play hockey and means we will have two Eagles teams fighting to win the league in 2019. With our teams lying second and sixth places in the Campus League at the moment, the title is a definite aim.

A new kit has been designed and ordered this year, which thanks to our funds were subsidized for our members. We won £1,000 in funding on a PwC pub quiz which we are looking forward to using to the benefit of our teams. There is the possibility to win even more in the next round of the quiz so we've got our fingers crossed!

PwC pub quiz win-02

To help improve the fitness for those interested, we have also introduced a circuit session once a week. But the social aspect of the Team wasn’t neglected either. Throughout the term, we organised various socials after training and matches at Circo as well as our Christmas event which was great fun!

It’s been a great first term and we can’t wait to get back into it all after the Christmas break!

Anastasia Pywell