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A NERC funding programme aims to address two of the biggest environmental science challenges in urban areas across the UK today.  Air quality and water management innovation projects will have a regional focus as part of the Regional Impact from Science of the Environment (RISE) initiative.

West Midlands Air Quality Improvement Programme (WM-Air)

Poor air quality is a major environmental threat to Public Health in many urban regions across the UK.  Air pollution in the West Midlands affects some 2.8 million people, reducing average life expectancy by several months, and is responsible for direct and indirect economic costs of several hundred million pounds. 

Professor Bloss said: “Improving air quality will bring direct health benefits to millions of people, reduce direct and indirect economic costs and enhance quality of life across the West Midlands.  WM-Air will bring together the latest environmental science from air pollution, health and economic research experts, to support policy makers, key industry bodies and businesses to help reduce the impacts of air pollution in the region, and support clean growth.”

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