Jassim AlGhaith, PhD student within the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences has won the American Physiological Society, Exercise and Environmental Physiology section, “CANTROL Environmental Systems” Pre-Doctoral Research Award at the Experimental Biology 2018 Conference, in San Diego this month.

The Experimental Biology conference is an annual meeting of over 14,000 scientists and 25 guest societies. The conference had 925 speakers, 437 oral sessions and 521 posters this year. The Pre-Doctoral Student award is awarded by a review panel who examine all of the abstracts submitted for the conference in the area of Exercise and Environmental Physiology and requires the student to present an oral communication of their work as well as presenting a poster at the conference. The award recognises the novelty and excellence of the work carried out by the student.

Jassim’s PhD is focused on the influence of nerve signals feeding back from exercising muscle that are now believed to play a major role in controlling breathing during exercise. He has shown that muscle training can markedly reduce this drive to breathe, which has potentially important sporting and clinical implications. He is supervised by Dr. Michael White and Dr. George Balanos. During the conference Jassim presented a poster and gave a presentation entitled, “The ventilatory response to muscle metaboreflex activation during concurrent hypercapnia is attenuated by local muscle training”.

Congratulations to Jassim on this prestigious award. We wish him all the success with his PhD studies.

Jassim Award2