The annual Palaeontological Association undergraduate bursaries have just been announced and the Geosystems group have had considerable success in securing four awards, worth over £8,000 in total, to work within our research labs over the summer.

Thomas Henton (1st year BSc Palaeobiology & Palaeoenvironments) will be working with Dr Ivan Sansom, Nigel Larkin (Associate Researcher, Cambridge) and Dr Richard Shelton (School of Dentistry) investigating the histological structure and composition of a possible urolith (kidney stone) from the Jurassic of Dorset.

Under the supervision of Professor Richard Butler and Doctoral Research Emma Dunne, Shane Webb (2nd year MSci Geology) will be targeting the footprint fossil record to test major patterns of terrestrial vertebrate diversity through the late Carboniferous-early Permian.

Ffion Butler’s (2nd year MSci Geology International Study) focus will be on the evolution of alkenone-producing coccolithophore algae within the Eocene to help interpret alkenone-based biomarkers with Dr Tom Dunkley Jones.

Working with Dr Kirsty Edgar, Jenny Farrant (2nd year BSc Geology) will also be focusing on the Eocene, aiming to reconstruct the response of foraminifera communities to global cooling and a series of late Eocene meteorite impact events.

Congratulations to all of our successful applicants. We look forward to working with them in the next few months.