Hello and welcome to A Finite Number of Monkeys (AFNOM for short - because that's quite a mouthful!) we're really excited to be an EPS society from 2018!

The news at the moment is full of stories of CYBER ATTACKS and HACKERS and CYBER THREATS and CYBER WARFARE! There are BLACK HAT hackers (bad guys) and WHITE HAT hackers (good guys) - we have fun learning how to be the good guys. It's important to understand threats and how attackers think in order to be able to protect yourself and keep computers secure. At AFNOM, we want to share our love of offensive hacking (the good kind) and cyber security with everyone. It's addictive and lots of fun.

Also we get to represent the University in both international on-line and UK-based on-site Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions.

You're probably thinking: Do I need to be an uber-computer-geek to join?

No! You just need to be able to use a computer and be keen to learn. We start with really simple tasks and build up to some advanced skills during the academic year. What are you waiting for - email us and join!

Follow us on Twitter @UoB_afnom or join our Slack channel to see what we are up to. You can find more information on our website or email us if you've got any questions.