In October project PERFECT will have two visitors.

Chris Moulin (Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition, Grenoble) works on the neuropsychology of the memory system and the phenomenon of déjà vu. On 8 October 2018 he will give a talk entitled "Adventures in subjective experience: The not-so strange case of déjà vu” at the Institute for Mental Health Lunchtime Seminar series (13:00-14:00) in the Learning Centre. 

Krystyna Bielecka (Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw) works on naturalized intentionality, in particular biosemantics, and philosophy of psychiatry. Krystyna will present a paper entitled “Are confabulations representational? A case of Korsakoff Syndrome” at the Philosophy Staff WIP seminar on 24 October (13:00-14:00) in the ERI Building.