We set out this year from North Gate under conditions which were very similar to last year.

It was still a ridiculously early departure for a Sunday; we were all very excited to be heading to the continent to experience a different culture; we had a few anxious moments waiting for everyone to arrive and we were all looking forward to spending some time together before setting off on individual study year abroad.

The one thing that was very different though was that shortly after the trip the last year Britain voted to leave the EU. This context provided some interesting issues to ponder from the policy making angle when we visited the European Commission, to our ability to clear passport control with ease, to thinking about what opportunities may be possible for working and living in Europe in the future. Like last year, some of the best moments were caught on camera. The highlights of our trip are best expressed in photos!

A walking tour of Brussels.

Street tour
Tour guide addresses students

Some serious negotiating skills were on show at the Parlamentarium role play game! 

The initial briefing: Our task as MEPS is set: we will be developing water policy and the use of chip technology.

Party strategy under development.

Inside session
Planning session

Some fierce strategising in the Conservatives corner!

Answering questions

Handling some tough questions by the press!

Q and A

…And then feedback on our progress.

Another day exploring the EU, various cultural institutions and of course food.

Drink and food